100th Day of School

Planet Kindergarten: 100 Days in Orbit Sue Ganz-Schmitt



Back of Book:

Star Log: Day 100. Base camp is lively. I greet my crewmates and admire their work. We have mastered many skills on our journey, but today brings a new milestone. There have been: 100 roll calls. 100 songs. 100 pledges. 100 challenging days full of exploration and triumph!

My Review.

I have been teaching Kindergarten for two years now and I truly believe that my students get more excited about the 100th day of school then Christmas. I had 16 boys this this year so I spent time making sure that I found fun boy books to share with my class. When I found Planet Kindergarten I knew my boys would adore it.  It is a fun story that lists all fun things that a Kindergarten class learns in the first 100 days. From safety and pledges, songs, and everything in between. This is a fun, quick read to help celebrate the 100th Day of school. 

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Ages 4 and up

36 pages

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The Night before 100th Day of School



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 The 100th day of school is almost here and one student is desperate to find 100 of anything to bring to class. Then all of sudden inspiration strikes, and he comes up with a surprise that makes the 100th day celebration one to remember!

MY REVIEW:  The 100th Day of school is a big deal in Kindergarten, okay its actuality a HUGE deal. My students were super excited on the day before our 100th day celebration.  I brought out this book they loved it! Its follows a boy as he tries to decide what 100 items he should bring for the 100th day party in his class.  He goes over several possible items before finally deciding on his ant farm. This causes a fun and crazy part of the story that will make any child laugh. Great read aloud story.