Made in China: A Story of Adoption By Vanita Oelschlager

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 Back of Book: The girl in this story told by her older sister, in a teasing manner, that she is adopted from China, and marked just like the broom and their toys. Upset, she goes to her father who tells her the story of how she came to be their child but you’re not made like a toy, you were made in China to give us joy. And, he also reminds her that “”you are much more than what people say about you.

My Review:   Adoption is an amazing thing. It can be such a huge blessing for both parents and children alike. Still, it can be a difficult transition for children especially for children who look so different then the family that they are now a part of.  I thought that this story discusses some very common questions that children who are adopted can ask. It also shows tense sibling relationships that can occur between biological children and an adopted child. Overall, this is an excellent story about adoption.

Ages 5 and up

30 Pages