The Streak: How Joe DiMaggio Became America’s Hero by Barb Rosenstock


Back of Book: In the summer of 1941, Yankee center fielder Joe DiMaggio and his favorite bat, Betsy Ann, begin the longest hitting streak in baseball history. But when Betsy Ann goes missing, will DiMaggio keep hitting? Set on the brink of World War II, this is a spellbinding account of a sports story that united the country and made DiMaggio a hero, at a time when one was profoundly needed.
My Review:
I love finding solid biographies about the heroes of baseball. Baseball is not on a sport, but a way of life. Joe DiMaggio was not trying to make history, he was just playing baseball. In the process, he became the hero that America needed. I loved reading more about the great man who become famous for hitting a streak. This story is well written and the events flow smoothly. The illustrations are truly stunning. I love that in the back of this book is an author’s note, and quotes about Joe DiMaggio. The book also has the hitting streaks and source notes. This is a perfect book to use with any unit about the war or baseball.
Ages 8 and up
32 Pages

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Baseball, Civil Rights, Read Your World

She Loved Baseball: The Effa Manley Story By Audrey Vernick


Back of Book:

 Effa always loved baseball. As a young woman, she would go to Yankee Stadium just to see Babe Ruth’s mighty swing. But she never dreamed she would someday own a baseball team. Or be the first—and only—woman ever inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

From her childhood in Philadelphia to her groundbreaking role as business manager and owner of the Newark Eagles, Effa Manley always fought for what was right. And she always swung for the fences.

My Review:

I did not  grow up around baseball in the same way that other people did. My family is a football family. When I started teaching, I began to realize how many amazing picture books are centered around the game of baseball. I had never heard of Effa Manley until I picked up this story. I feel in love with her strength and pride. This book really tells the story of how one African American woman broke all the stereotypes that were put in her path. This is an excellent story that is perfect for baseball lovers. It also fits into Black History month or National Woman’s month. I truly enjoyed reading it.

Ages 6 and up

32 Pages  

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