Fairy Tales

Little Red and the Very Hungry Lion By Alex T. Smith


Back of Book: Little Red is on her way to visit Auntie Rosie with a basket of goodies and some spot medicine. Along the way she meets the Very Hungry Lion. The Lion is eager to gobble up Little Red. The Lion’s plan doesn’t work out the way he wanted.

My Review:   I have been a longtime fan of fractured fairytales. I think they are a perfect and fun way to share content with children.  The story of Little Red Riding Hood is a fun tale, and can be used for so many aspects in learning. Little Red and the very Hungry Lion, is a new take on the classic tale. The story starts out as the common tale of a little girl going to help a family member in need. The change in this story, is how smart Red is. She decides to show the very naughty lion a lesson. I loved the safari twist to the story. The illustrations are fun and allow for little girls everywhere to feel fearless. I love that this story is diverse in culture, and race. I love this story and highly recommend it!

32 Pages

Ages 5 and up

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Fairy Tales

The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig By Eugene Trivizas

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Back of book: The big bad pig is after the three little wolves. He blew all three of the little wolves houses down. What can the wolves do?

My Review: This is a fun twist on the well-known fairy tale of the three little pigs. The author took the basic concepts but changed the story in a way that keep children guessing. When I read fractured fairy tales I like to ask my students several questions. Things like what do you think will be different in this story? Or what will the three wolves make their houses out of? It creates a deeper level of thinking and engages the children. This particular fairy tale is one of my favorites because it ends on a happy note.

Ages 7 and up

32 pages