Mirette on the High Wire By Emily Arnold McCully

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Back of Book: Mirette was always fascinated by the strange and interesting people who stayed in her mother’s boardinghouse. But no one excited her as much as Bellini, who walks the clothesline with the grace and ease of a bird. When Mirette discovers that fear has kept him from performing for years, she knows she must repay him for the kindness he has shown her — and show him that sometimes a student can be the greatest teacher of all.

My Review: This book is a Caldecott Medal winner and rightfully should be. It is a beautiful story set in France about a dare devil and a little girl who believes in him! Mirette falls in love with the idea of walking a high wire and begs Bellini to teach her how to walk on the wire. He reluctantly begins to show her how to walk on the wire.  This story is a great look at the strength and diligence a person must have if they want to face their fear. The illustrator of this book made the pictures to resemble the beautiful French paintings.  They draw a reader in and keep them there.  For me this is a story that should be on every teacher’s book shelf and be a part of every library.

Ages 8 and up

32 Pages