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Cookiesaurus Rex By Amy Fellner Dominy


Back of Book:
As soon as Cookiesaurus Rex comes out of the oven, he declares that he is King of All Cookies. He should be frosted before all of the standard-shaped cookies, in a nice bright green. But the other cookies are getting sprinkles, or shiny stars, or even gumdrops . . . WAIT ONE STINKIN’ STOMPIN’ MINUTE! Cookiesaurus wants a do-over. Problem is, he might not end up with the kind of “do” he wants. Readers will love the funny back-and-forth between this cheeky cookie and the hand that frosts him. See who gets his licks in at the end!
My Review:
I have noticed a trend this year that many picture books have characters who speak to a third party or the reader. I believe that it is a very clever idea. Cookiesaurus Rex wants everything that all the other cookies have. He becomes very demanding until the person frosting the cookies has had enough. A battle ensues that will bring a great deal of laughter to readers. There is also an excellent moral in this book about not demanding things from others. AG Ford brings each change of the cookie to life. The final few pages are my personal favorite. This is a perfect book that combines laughter with the understanding that you can’t always get what you want the second you want it.
Ages 5 and up
40 Pages

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The King’s Taster By Kenneth Oppel


Back of Book:
Max is the cook’s dog. And because he is also the king’s taster, Max gets to feast on
French Fries!
Rose Pudding!
Cheese Pie!
No wonder Max loves his job. Who wouldn’t want to dine on these delicious dishes?
The new king, that’s who.
And if the new king has his way, it won’t just be their job that the cook and Max lose!

My Review: This is a unique story about a picky eater and his official taster. The prince is picky, so the royal chief tries many new dishes like fries, and pizza. This book is very humorous with catchy language that readers will really enjoy. The illustrations are created by two different painters and blended together beautifully. I love the small details like the chief’s suit covered in recipes, or the details of the different countries. The story has a creative ending, with a lesson about eating healthy. This is a perfect story to add to any healthy eating unit.
Ages 5 and up
32 pages

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Dragons Love Tacos 2: The Sequel By Adam Rubin



Back of Book: News alert! It has just been discovered that there are NO MORE TACOS left anywhere in the world. This is a huge problem because, as you know, dragons love tacos. If only there was a way for the dragons to travel back in time, to before tacos went extinct. Then they could grab lots of tacos and bring them back! It’s the perfect plan, as long as there’s no spicy salsa. You remember what happened last time . . .


My Review:

I was a huge fan of the crazy fun story Dragons Love Tacos. It is a very fun read aloud that allows children to use their imagination. When I heard that Adam and Daniel were making a sequel, I was very excited! I found it to be just as fun and engaging as the first story. Plus! This story involves a time machine and dinosaurs. Great summer read. Warning, this book will make you want to eat a taco.

Ages 5 and up

32 Pages


Wednesday Is Spaghetti Day By Maryann Cocca-Leffler

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Back of book:  Ever wonder what your pet does at home when you’re out? Follow Catrinia at cat who spends her Wednesday with all her kitty friends throwing a spaghetti  party.

My review: I adore this story and usually read it to my students the first Wednesday of the school year. It follows a large orange cat named Catrinia who waits until her family leaves for the day and then throws a huge spaghetti  party. The story follows each part of the spaghetti making process and creates great visuals for the readers.  This story is a quick read but is fun enough to engage student’s attention.

Ages 4 and up

32 pages.