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Anywhere Farm By Phyllis Root

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Back of Book:
You might think a farm means fields, tractors, and a barnyard full of animals. But you can plant a farm anywhere you like! A box or a bucket, a boot or a pan — almost anything can be turned into a home for green, growing things. Windows, balconies, and front steps all make wonderful spots to start. Who knows what plants you may choose to grow and who will come to see your new garden?
My Review:
This is a great book to share with children. This book shows readers that they can create a garden no matter where they life. It doesn’t take much to create one, you simply need soil, sunshine, some water and a seed. I love that this book encourages young and old alike to go and plant something beautiful. Many children who live in the city, do not realize that they can grow things in a planter box, or a small plot of earth. This story is beautifully crafted, with a rhyming pattern that readers won’t soon forget. The illustrations are diverse and show many different kinds of people planting seeds. Karas did a terrific job of drawing readers into each setting. Candlewick Press has published another fantastic picture book.
Ages 5 and up
32 Pages

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Miss Rumphius By Barbara Cooney

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Back of Book:  This is story of Alice Rumphius, who longed to travel the world, live in a house by the sea, and do something to make the world more beautiful She becomes the Lupine Lady, who scattered lupine seeds everywhere she went and makes the world more beautiful.

My Review:  This is a well written story that has an almost timeless quality to it. It discusses the importance of learning as much as possible and making the world a better place. Alice Rumphius travels the world. The book gives examples of the places she traveled and paints a beautiful picture for readers of different countries. Near the end of her life Alice decides to plant five pounds of lupine seeds so that the entire state of Maine could see the beautiful flowers every year. I had never heard of a lupine flower so this book allowed me to learn something new. This story has fabulous illustrations and is a Caldecott winner.             This is a beautiful story and focuses on how one person can make a huge difference if they are willing to try.

Ages 8 and up

32 Pages