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If a Bus Could Talk Faith Rinnggold

BACK OF BOOK: If a bus could talk, it would tell the story of a young African-American girl named Rosa who had to walk miles to her one-room schoolhouse in Alabama while white children rode to their school in a bus. It would tell how the adult Rosa rode to and from work on a segregated city bus and couldn’t sit in the same row as a white person. It would tell of the fateful day when Rosa refused to give up her seat to a white man and how that act of courage inspired others around the world to stand up for freedom.9f347bca6804d777359eb130d23c576d       Click Here to find on Amazon

My Review

February is black history month. This year I have seen some amazing stories being promoted to teach students about Civil Rights. One of my favorite stories that discusses the story of the famous Rosa Parks is If A Bus Could Talk. It is a unique story about a young girl who gets picked up on a different bus. The bus tells the young girl the incredible story of brave Rosa Parks.  The illustrations in this story are soft, which balances out the tough and cruel things that Rosa had to deal with.  The story ends with the young girl having a great deal more knowledge about why the stand that Rosa Parks took was so important.  This is a story that is much more suitable for older children. A great way to teach children about the woman who said no and made a nation change its way of thinking.

32 Pages

Ages 8 and up

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My Uncle Martin’s Big Heart


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Back Of Book: 

As Angela Farris Watkins introduces children to her uncle, she presents them with a rare glimpse into his life at home, including special family moments. What unfolds is a story of character and service to God, family, and mankind, and of how one man’s extraordinary love changed the history of the United States.

My Review:

I have found that talking to my Kinders about Martin Luther King Jr and Civil Rights can be tough. They don’t understand why color matters or why Martin King was killed. Our school Liberian read this story to my class and I feel in love with it. It shows the dedication of Martin King in a very sweet way. It is written by his niece and tells readers how dedicated Martin King was to what he believed in. The illustrations are soft and sweet.  Overall I truly enjoyed this story.

Ages 5 and up

32 Pages