Presidents Day

Abe Lincoln: His Wit and Wisdom from A-Z By Alan Schroeder


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Abe Lincoln is known for his many memorable adages. As the sixteenth president he needed all the wisdom he could muster to guide the country through the Civil War, preserve the union, and end slavery. This nontraditional tribute to the president who brought the homespun humor of his humble beginnings to the White House uses the alphabet to organize a wealth of information about his life and accomplishments.

My Review:

I got this book from scholastic and enjoyed sharing it with my class. It is an excellent overview of the life of President Lincoln.  Each letter has a short paragraph about a piece of Lincolns life. It made it very easy to break up this book and read a few paragraphs every day. Some of the material is a bit grown up for younger children. I skipped parts about the Civil War because it was a little too deep for my five year old’s to hear. Overall I say this is a great book to read for Presidents Day.

32 Pages

Ages 7 and up

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Meet Thomas Jefferson Patricia A. Pingry



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This picture book begins with Thomas Jefferson as a boy at school and home. Children will see Jefferson as a husband and father, as author of the Declaration of Independence, as president of the United States, and as retired farmer.


MY REVIEW: Presidents Day is this week which is a great time to read stories about the great Presidents that have run the United States. Most of my Kindergarten age stories are focused on President Washington or Lincoln. I usually try to find a few books about Presidents that are not as well discussed. I love Meet Thomas Jefferson because I gave a great background about Thomas Jefferson it starts from his birth and goes to the end of his life. It discusses his love of books and how he donated his collection to the Library of Congress.  It also discusses important parts of history such as the writing of the Declaration of Independence as well as the Louisiana Purchase.   II read a few pages a day to my class. It worked very well as a circle time story. The illustrations are very nice and create an enjoyable story.


Ages 7 and up


32 Pages